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Neon Signs

There's still nothing as classic as a neon sign. Neon brings your brand to light using bright, colorful, simple messaging. Best of all, it glows!

Neon is still one of the most versatile sign styles today, and is an eye-catching product for restaurants, bars and retail stores. Its beauty and color provide the best pleasing image for customers and clients.

Neon can be custom fabricated for most any image style or lighting need (including decorative border lighting). It is made of flexible glass tubing that fills with gas, so it is able to be shaped into the text you need.

Some applications might be better suited for LED lighting (often used for OPEN signs and flashing messaging). We supply LED signs as well, and will make the right recommendation to suit your needs. We even have LED tube lights that mimic neon tube, so you can keep the classic look while gaining the simplified maintenance and energy efficiency of LED.

We're happy to answer any questions you have about neon or LED signage and the benefits and best usage cases for each technology.

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